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How it Works

  1. Search your destination where you call
  2. Create your account
  3. Buy credit and pay with any credit card
  4. Activate and get your access number
  5. Dial your access number
  6. Enter your destination number
    When prompt for destination number, enter the following format 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number
  7. Do not press the "SEND" button again, your call will be automatically connected.
    *To avoid incurring any additional charges, please call your mobile carrier to block international services.

Need Help?

For any question about your Services, Billing and Account, EDGE is proud to serve you in the following languages:

English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Korean, Russian, Vietnamese

Call (866)-866-8660
Customer Service:
Day: Mon - Fri
Hour: 9am ~ 6pm
(Eastern Time Zone)

Select Frequently Called Destination:

To China as low as  1.1 ¢

Register your home phone number, cell number or any other number
Select : You payBonusYou getDuration
$ 5.00 $ 0.00(0%) $ 5.00
450 minutes
$ 10.00 $ 0.00(0%) $ 10.00
901 minutes
$ 20.00 $ 2.00(10%) $ 22.00
1982 minutes
$ 50.00 $ 7.50(15%) $ 57.50
5180 minutes
$ 100.00 $ 20.00(20%) $ 120.00
10811 minutes

HelloEOT Calling Plan

Pinless Calling

BEST Calling Plan for Mobile Phone Customers

Faster, Better and Easier! Never dial Pin numbers again. No worry about losing your calling card with pin numbers. Dial only access numbers and add more additional numbers.

Calling Card

BEST Calling Plan for Home Phone Customers or Visitors

Dial access numbers and press PIN numbers. We offer the best calling cards at the lowest rates available to order online and instantly get pin numbers by e-mail or check it out on your account.


HelloEOT Calling Plan

  • Pinless Dialing is available to pinless calling
  • Maintenance Fee : None
  • Connection Fee : None
  • Rechargeable Your Balance
  • Rounding: 1 minute
  • Additional Line :
    You can add up to 10 additional lines on your Pinless Calling account. Each additional number you register at you Pinless dialing account will allow them to make calls without entering the pin number.
  • Check Your Call History :
    Call details can be search by date on your account and we will tell you the date and time of each call as well as the destination number, caller number, and duration.
  • Purchase History :
    You can review all your purchased history on your account by date.
  • We accept payments made with Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Print you bill :
    Enter the date and print you own bill online at your account manage.