HelloEOT Features

HelloEOT Pinless Calling and Calling Card

Pinless Calling

BEST Calling Plan for Mobile Phone Customers

Faster, Better and Easier! Never dial Pin numbers again. No worry about losing your calling card with pin numbers. Dial only access numbers and add more additional numbers.

Calling Card

BEST Calling Plan for Home Phone Customers or Visitors

Dial access numbers and press PIN numbers. We offer the best calling cards at the lowest rates available to order online and instantly get pin numbers by e-mail or check it out on your account.

No Hidden Fees

Pay only for the minutes you use - no hidden charges or other fees.

Balance Never Expires

Use your available calling credit anytime, No expiration date.

Minute Rounding

You will be charged for your calls by 1 minute rounding.

100% Quality Guarantee

Enjoy great call quality guaranteed by the latest telecom technologies.

Check Your Call History

Do not worry where you called last time. Check your calling history on your account.